RakhisOnline.com has sound policies to make sending Rakhis as smooth and simple a process for you, the customer. We've divided our policies based on the most common reasons for returns/cancellations: "Rakhis did not Reach on time",  "Rakhis were less in number", "Some part of the order was missing" and "Rakhi designs did not match with those shown in the image".

We won't lie, it breaks our heart every time a customer comes and tells us they were unhappy with the services well as every time we've unknowingly dispatched a short order. But life goes on, and we hope that having these policies makes life easier and you're left with a happy high through good services are known to induce. 

1) For reason - Rakhis did not Reach on time : We have a clear outlined Delivery & Shipping policy. If we have faltered we shall refund immediately.

2) For reason - Rakhis were less in number : Each and every product on site has a weight attached to it. If the sum total weight of the shipment is less it clearly indicates that something was missed. Every shipment has a shipping weight attached to it which the courier companies mention as they calculate the billable weight to collect payment from us. In case the weight mentioned is lower than the total product weight we shall immediately refund the amount.

3) For reason - Some part of the order was missing : The case is similar to case 2) 

4) For reason - Rakhi designs did not match with those shown in the image : Please read the Important Disclaimer which clearly states our terms.